Friday, September 12

Lunch Hour, Crossroads

Stumbled into the Kauffman Center this afternoon, a target-rich environment.

The Large Pixel Collider

Thus spake the rabbit.

Saturday, August 30

Cruise Night

A Fine Car 
1947 Crosley Pickup - 4 cyl OHC, 44 cubic inches, 26.5 HP

Thus spake the rabbit.

Wednesday, August 20

Scaling Down

I was getting a bit weary of lugging around the Nikon Howitzer every time I wanted better image quality and more manual control than an iPhone. Enter the Canon G15. Plenty of pixel power, manual control, 1080p video and small enough to clip onto my belt. Granted, the sensor is smaller than my fingernail, but I can adjust my thinking to compensate for that. Opening the images in Camera Raw allows me to interpolate files size up to 6144 x 4608 @ 300 ppi.  81 megabytes to play with and re-interpolate. Not bad. 

Now, if I can just figure out how to hold the damn little thing with my big catcher's-mitt paws.

Thus spake the rabbit.

Sunday, August 3

Cruise Night of the Frankentrucks

Hartman Heritage Center, Independence, Missouri
Another nice '39.

'52 Plymouth

'62 - The last year 'Vettes were interesting. OK, maybe a '63 split window.

Frankentruck #1

Frankentruck #2 - Look at the face on that thing!

The beginning of the Jet Age designs.

I mean it! Look at that face!

Night of the Frankentrucks

Dr. Frankentruck

DJ T-Ray

Half Price Books showed up.

So did Joe Pace and his '59 Cad.
Thus spake the rabbit.