Wednesday, March 2

Missouri Trout Season, Opening Day

The siren went off at 6:30 a.m.,  but I finally ambled around to the dam and bridge after we got the doors open at the Nature Center. Not today, thanks. Dad and I used to fish at Roaring River, but they fish from the banks there instead of wading in the water. Keep singing that song, kids.

Anyway, it was in the middle forties, with a good breeze making it seem much colder. Last winter's floods caused the accidental release of the park's hatchery's breeding stock of lunkers, so a good number of anglers were pulling out some large trout.  It looked like this:

Thus spake the rabbit.

Sunday, February 7

We're still here, mostly.

We haven't forgotten about ya'll, seriously. The truth is, we're so completely focused on getting our house sold and getting on down the road, we haven't spent much time writing, taking pictures or anything else of note.

Our other blog, Tug's Journal has also slowed down, but we're on the brink of our escape, so be patient. Everything is about to get very busy, indeed.

In the meantime, here's a picture of a gate leading to nowhere. See you soon.

Thus spake the rabbit.