Wednesday, October 22

The story of an actual cannibal.

This totally resurrected my shitty day. Please watch this full frame.

Thus spake the rabbit.

Saturday, September 27

Cruise Night

The year is running out. Just a few weekends left.
Hartman Heritage Center, Independence, Missouri.

Thus spake the rabbit.

Tuesday, September 23

Day Trip

St. Joseph, Missouri 
St, Joseph, Missouri
Savannah, Missouri
Near King City, Missouri

Thus spake the rabbit.

Sunday, September 21

Cruise Night

Hartrman Heritage Center, Independence, Missouri
Carson Top 'Bird
DeSoto, I'm guessing 1939

1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Cabriolet - a rare bird in any condition

I love it that people are bringing unrestored cars to cruise nights - crazed plastic,
dings and scratches, pitted chrome. Real cars.

Thus spake the rabbit.

Saturday, September 20


9th and Wabash in Kansas City, Missouri. Home of the "Big Kahuna".
Originally, in the early '60s, (late '50s?) this opened as "Dog 'n' Suds".

Thus spake the rabbit.

Friday, September 12

Lunch Hour, Crossroads

Stumbled into the Kauffman Center this afternoon, a target-rich environment.

The Large Pixel Collider

Thus spake the rabbit.