Friday, February 29

The Curse of Scotland

I saw this oversize playing card this morning when I parked my car at work. Being a naturally curious type, I flipped it over:

Still curious, I Googled "Nine of Diamonds". I got back several references to the "Curse of Scotland". Hmm. Lots more here.

Thus spake the rabbit.


Spyder said...

I think that might be the money card in card reading.

Le Grand Lapin said...

Hot damn! It's about bloody time. We're headed for Scotland in August - the cash will come in handy, so if this is the wrong card, don't tell me.

Spyder said...

We're headed to Canada in August!

Le Grand Lapin said...

Excellent. Canada's been on our list for years. Never been closer than the Olympic Peninsula - maybe one of these days.