Friday, February 15


These slight depressions are in a granite ledge at Union Station. They were left, over the course of the first part-hundred years of Union Station's history, by the knees of the men and boys who shined shoes. This kneeling platform is still in its original location. Think about how long it would take to wear grooves in granite with your knees. The world you and I know was built by people like these.

Sadly, the shine chairs, which were originally right outside the barber shop, were long gone by the time Union Station was changed from incipient ruin to bi-state tax-funded white elephant. The only remaining evidence of the barber shop are rings on the floor where the barber chairs once stood. (You can see the circles in the short hallway on the main level leading to the restrooms and in the mens' restroom as well. I haven't visited the ladies' room, yet.)

Thus spake the rabbit.


Spyder said...

Wow, that's impressive! Thanks for the photo.

Le Grand Lapin said...

It is a detail that goes unnoticed by most. I wish Union Station would put up a small plaque or something - maybe a photo of the shine stand as it once was.