Tuesday, February 5


I started taking brisk walks around the WestSide/Crossroads/Freighthouse/Crown Center neighborhoods at lunch - in part to help whittle away at my flab (I'm too cheap to buy new "fat" clothes) and in part to help me get back some creative insight. Twenty years as a pro studio photographer has left me myopic and brittle. It's taken a year to gather the fortitude and purpose to walk outside with camera in hand, hoping to find the world and part of my voice again. When I started working full time, my writing took a nose-dive - I felt I had failed myself in one creative pursuit, why would another be any better? Now, I'm finding that there's a swell building, a sort of crescendo. Images come easier now, words follow. Not as smoothly as before, but it's getting better.

I discovered something in the process: I'm not a lot different than I thought I was. I still rejoice in the ordinary - a sidewalk is as fascinating to me as the Great Pyramid, the realm of light and shadows is as stunning as the glint of diamonds.

I like the base, the pedestrian, the ordinary. To me, it forms the foundation that the superlatives rest on. You can't have CEOs without mechanics and waitresses. Rio de Janeiro is more favela than silver beach and grand hotel. 

This seems right to me. The pictures show it. Sometimes, I see things long after the walk ends. I've always been drawn to details, and now I see them better than before.

Thus spake the Rabbit.

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Xavier Onassis said...

Nice pics!

We should compare notes.

I enjoy turning normal, everyday objects into abstract works. Mostly in B&W.

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