Monday, February 11

Kansas Democrats

You know they exist. They had a caucus and everything. I wonder if they look at their Republican neighbors with fear, loathing or pity? Seems the political tide has turned. It's 1968 again, except that the convention with the bickering, whining and power-monger storm-troopers won't be the Democrats. They've all but sealed John McCain as the nominee, but Kansans have insisted on making the excrementally pious Mike Huckabee their choice at the Kansas G.O.P caucus.

To paraphrase Penn Jillette, "If you keep voting for the lesser of two evils, it just keeps getting more evil." In other words, if we don't hold our politicians to a higher standard than what we've had, the lowest common denominator continues to elect the lowest common denominator. Look at the disgraceful dry-drunk buffoon that has lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since January 2001. Look at his predecessor, an affable politician devoid of social filtration and the ability to control his base instincts. And his two predecessors - a patrician patriarch with no sense of the backbone of this country that his fortunes were built on and his former boss, a truly dim-witted actor who, while earnest in his beliefs, was unable to separate reality from the movies playing in his head.

Shall I go on? The decline in the American body politic has been a headlong slide from Harry Truman to today. Even Dwight Eisenhower, stolid Kansan and West Point grad, he of the European theater, was quick to condemn the kind of itchy trigger-finger diplomacy and the buildup of bellicose corporatist military power that the current president would gleefully roll around in like a hound in carrion.

Mike Huckabee, on the other hand doesn't believe any of this, because the selection of traits in leaders by electors, as surely as the selection of traits in other low hominids by environmental circumstance, is an elemental definition of natural selection, and that kind of simple, raw truth terrifies ignorant and dogmatic followers like Huckabee.

Thus spake the rabbit.

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