Wednesday, April 2

All is not lost

I passed through Union Station on my way to lunch today. The whole place was in the middle of preparations for the Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair. The place is crawling with hundreds of geeks, dweebs, nerds and other smart kids from elementary school through high school with projects running the gamut from goofy to sublime.

They all have one thing in common - they all understand the scientific method. They all are learning at an early age how to think critically, evaluate the data and evidence obtained through hypothesis and experiment, and then reach useful conclusions from that data. They are learning to sidestep hogwash, sloppy thinking and wishful thinking. If their results don't agree with the hypothesis, they move away from their original thinking and create a new hypothesis. Then they experiment again, and keep looping through that process until the truth is discovered. This may take a while. This is the way science works. It's self-correcting, and these kids know how it works. They also know that it is the polar opposite of the self-validating bullshit of religion and superstition. 

Your kids and grandkids will one day be working for these kids. This is as it should be. Smart should always win. 

All is not lost.

Thus spake the rabbit.

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