Wednesday, May 14

Hometown Hitchcock

The spooky image shown here is one of the most innocuous photographs that my friend and fellow photographer Joshua Hoffine has in his online portfolio. He specializes in photographing abject horror, childhood nightmares and deep-seated fears and phobias.

Joshua's images are cinematic slices in time, the subjects often just on the cusp of a gruesome or terrifying realization, and in an era when so much is created in post-shoot pixels, Josh's images are created, as much as is practical, in built set environments using custom-made props and prosthetic makeup pieces instead of sledgehammer manipulation in Photoshop. Sure, the details get cleaned up on the computer, but most of the hard work takes place before the shutter trips. His work reveals a true love for the craft and reflects a great deal of thought and a larger understanding of what ultimately makes us sleep with the lights on.

The small web images don't do justice to Josh's finely crafted horrors. You should buy one and put it on your wall. Sure, some of the images are um, unsettling, but I don't think they're really any scarier than reading the Kansas City Star.

As Joshua says, "The monsters are all around us."

Thus spake the rabbit.


Spyder said...

Holey Fuck! I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

Average Jane said...

I love his work! I'd seen it on some other blog recently, but didn't realize he was local.

I'd love to have a print or two, but most of them are awfully disturbing...

Absolutely Feisty said...

I'm off to his web page.. hope I can still sleep tonight.. lol