Sunday, May 4

May 4, 1970

Every year that passes makes the Kent State Massacre seem smaller and smaller in our collective memory. Thirty-eight years on, it has faded to invisibility for many, insignificant to most Americans and virtually unknown to many more. It was, and is an American disgrace. Credit to Richard Nixon, famous American asswipe.


Spyder said...

I'm sure we will look back on these current times & think asshole too.

Le Patron said...

le grande
Thirty eight years ago? How can anyone forget the government's National Guard's intentional murder of U.S. citizens and students practicing their (and all our) constitutional rights to protest an undeclared and immoral and illegal war? Sound familiar?
I was a photojournalism student at University of Missouri then and the outrage and protests closed the university for a time.
The photographer who made that picture is John Paul Filo and he was also a journalism student at Kent State. This photograph justifiably won him the Pulitzer Prize, and he became a good friend after moving to our city as a "real deal" photographer for the Associated Press. The story behind his involvement with this event is very interesting.
We all should be as outraged by the current war as in 1970. Perhaps a little civil disobedience and anti-war movement is in order?
Peace. Right goddamn now.
le patron