Tuesday, July 29

Staycation My Ass, We're Gone

The Big Rabbit is out of the hutch for a while. We're headed off to where the history comes from. The Boss Rabbit, deluxe offspring Bunny Hoover and grandoffspring Grandbunny J and I, your humble scribe and personal photographer, are leaving Beautiful Downtown Summa Nulla (the High Point of Nothing) and are headed to where the occupying government puts Chuck Darwin (1809 - 1882) on the money and the men wear skirts. The furpeople are going to sleep-away Cat Camp and will barely know we're gone, what with all the campfires, water sports and tuna s'mores - vaccinations and baths extra. Can't really say I'll miss all the campaign sniping and the lovely Kansas City slap-in-the-face-with-a-wet-sponge August weather.  We're going someplace cool. Lusty tales of high adventure when we return.

Later, bunnies.

Thus spake the rabbit.

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