Monday, September 15

The Palin Interview

I like attractive women.
They're fun to look at. Talk to? Maybe. Some not so much.
They have it made. 
People will make excuses for them. 
People will help them through life. 
Attractive women get a pass. Because they're attractive.
Even if they're idiots. 
This is very, very unfair to them.
They become dependent. Like birds at a backyard feeder.
Look at this attractive young woman.
She was on television competing with other attractive women.
She danced around the stage in a bikini. Very pretty.
She said really dumb things.
She will be forever ridiculed as an empty head behind a pretty face.
That seems pretty accurate. 
Attractive women should get their asses kicked for being dim bulbs the same as plain women and ordinary men.
Like Dan Quayle, maybe. 25 watts, max.
Dim bulbs should not hold high office. Ever again.
Don't forget to vote.

Note: The preceding stab at attractive women 
has a huge logical flaw: 
It is a generality and by definition, false. 
I have known attractive women, and some of them 
were very, very intelligent.
Except for the Boss Rabbit, most of them wouldn't 
give me the time of day. 
So, I married the Boss Rabbit.
Thus spake the ordinary rabbit.


Spyder said...

Man what a lame brain! If she applied her brain as much as she applies her makeup she would really be something!

Le Patron said...

And what does that say about the Boss Rabbit's branze?

I am Le Patron, the one, the only and baby Patron sends his regards too!

Le Grand Lapin said...

And what does that say about the Boss Rabbit's branze?

Patron, I think it shows an advanced intelligence and a discriminating sense of style, IMHO. :)

Applecart T. said...

i'm not presuming anything except that "i'm not ugly" and i got as "good at school" as to get a magna (no summa) cum laude in undergrad land: consider the paranoia of the half-pretty, half-smart women.

we never know why anyone likes us, and we hardly trust either our beauty or intelligence.

we end up feeling under-beautiful when we look at TV people and then under-smart when we compare our brains to university / author people.

Le Grand Lapin said...


If we're truly self-defined, this shouldn't matter. The reality is different. I'm feeling the pressure of being the "old guy". Inside I'm nineteen. The mirror lies. Value? Not as important as it once was, except that I still need to carve out a living. Not good hunter-gatherer material.

Half? Your calculations may be incomplete. Please check your math.