Thursday, December 25

Petticoat Tails

Scottish shortbread, complete with thistles all around. One batch straight up, another with a light touch of stem ginger to help soothe the Boss Rabbit's ginger jones.

Headed to Le Patron's for a relaxed dinner this evening. Lamb and such. We will talk of Edinburgh, Morar, Torridon and Skye; cameras, cars and the search for the passage out of here.

Here's hoping for the best of Christmas to all the good and humble people of Kansas City.

Thus spake the rabbit.

1 comment:

Applecart T. said...

… over the sea to skye!
wind and breeze, island and seas,
mountains of rain and sun.
all that was good,
all that was fair,
all that was me
is gone.

: )

(something we sang in hs choir)