Sunday, February 1

My Email to Sen. James Demint

... in response to this jab, on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" which aired this morning, February 1, 2009 - meat of the link:
STEPHANOPOULOS: .......  We learned this week that President Obama's nominee for the Department of Health and Human Services, Senator Tom Daschle, has had to pay about $128,000 in back taxes. Is that disqualifying to you?

DEMINT: It may be. I -- I want to find out more about it.

But it's disheartening, obviously. I mean, people are struggling to pay taxes on a very small amount of income. And when he's got this huge amount of -- you know, I can see now why liberals don't mind if the tax rate goes up, because they're not going to pay it anyway.



I watched and listened this morning as you joined the round table on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos". Do you really believe that your snarky tone and smug dismissive attitude are in the best interest of the United States? The idea that "liberals don't mind if the tax rate goes up, because they're not going to pay it, anyway.." is positively insulting to Americans who work hard every day to provide for themselves and their families, regardless of their political leanings. You actually stopped your thought mid-sentence to take a shot across Daschle's bow and aim a put-down at political progressives. Stand-up comedy really is not your strong suit. 

It seems to me that name-calling is still the last refuge of the politically inept. Your insistence on making every conversation a struggle of ideologies is a strategy of polarization for its own sake, and one that cannot provide any forward impetus for this country. You must truly believe that your real job is to protect America from the likes of Tom Daschle, and maybe in your mind it is, but maybe it's also time you grew up a little and did your job with a little dignity.

Here's an idea - how about you take a pay cut to match my current salary? 

Sorry, I just clean forgot, I don't have a salary right now, I'm unemployed. How would that suit you? Maybe the voters of South Carolina will decide that you should join me in 2010. Maybe then you could try living off tips waiting tables for a couple of years or you could work the line at one of your "Americanese" Toyota plants, and see how long your coworkers tolerate your snobbish sarcasm. 

You embarrassed yourself this morning.

Thus spake the rabbit.


Applecart T. said...

Yes, they sicken me.
Did that letter get sent?

(Has anyone written that other letter calling for mandatory across-the-board audits of all Congress and Congressional pensioners?)

D & N said...

My rabbit's fuckin' fumin'........
where you been?