Saturday, December 26

This Time Around

Here is what I've learned over the course of this past year, 2009:
  1. Having money is better than not having money. Being one clogged artery or slip on the ice away from complete financial ruin can be, in its way, liberating, though it is not a relaxed state. To paraphrase Woody Allen, "The lion and the lamb shall lay down together, but the lamb won't get much sleep."
  2. You can get by on a whole lot less than you think you can.
  3. Contrition has a definite statute of limitations. If you plan on being sorry about something, do it now or shut up about it.
  4. Email and other forms of non-personal-contact communication, are useful for transmitting only the most basic information. If it's more important than a lunch date or an oil change, pick up the phone and use it or arrange for face time. Nuance is the soul of communication.
  5. Multitasking is a myth. I can't do it. Neither can you nor anyone you know. The very idea was created by someone who wanted to sell you something with a battery in it.
  6. Everyone who expresses an opinion has not necessarily thought it through completely. That includes me. And you.
  7. Anyone who tries to conflate metaphysical constructs with the application of quantum mechanics has no understanding of quantum mechanics. Anyone this side of CalTech who says they really understand quantum theory, doesn't.
  8. The higher branches of government in Kansas City, Missouri are populated almost entirely by rabid chimps.
  9. Worrying is a one-man operation. Others will neither join you in your concern nor notice that you have a burden to bear, even if they have caused it.
  10. Darkness defines the light.
  11. Put down the camera and the phone every now and then. Live where you are.
  12. Warhol was incredibly overrated, but he knew marketing.
  13. Loyalty and courage are dead in most people. Altruism is coughing up blood. You are self-employed and always will be. Start acting that way.
  14. No matter how well you can explain your position, the person you're talking to is busy thinking about the next thing they're going to say, and will not understand a single word you've said, or will misstate your intentions to others. Tell them what you intend to tell them, then tell them, then repeat what you just told them and then tell them again what you just told them. Follow up in writing. They'll still get it wrong.
  15. What you say isn't important. What they hear is.
  16. It's okay to have a hero or two. My planet is much darker without Irving Penn. I did not know him, but he is part of who I am, how I identify the piece of me that creates and then lives only in the creation.
  17. I will also never have the opportunity to tell my brother how much I loved and looked up to him, how much of him and his scientific mind I wanted to see in me and how I had hoped that he would be proud of my sensibilities and my understanding of the world around me. My brother Bill died October 7th.
  18. I am married now nearly 27 years to a great woman. She has taken this year, 2009, the year of doing without; the year of the cancelled plans and the juggled checkbooks, as much in stride as she can. She is much better at this than I. Somehow, I will make this all up to her.
Happy New Year.

Thus spake the rabbit.


Applecart T. said...

money is useful; so are credit cards.

getting by means "let's see how long it is until crisis."

i love e-mail and FB. real life takes too long often and leaves me with exponentially more regrets than junk i've said via Internet.

i multitask, and it has always been painful. apparently, it "can be done." i did get an A in that class i pretty much wrecked up.

you seem to have seen the wharhol exhib? will you comment on when i finally write my review? i had been hoping to hear back from the local curator, but that person blew me off or the internet died

Le Grand Lapin said...


As always, I embrace the ideal, and can't understand why it shoots me in the backside. Love email, but never remember when to not use it.

Didn't see Warhol show. Came to the grandiose conclusion after trying to decide whether or not to go. Not won.

tom said...

Big Bunny -- Much wisdom and insight mingled with a little curmudgeonly badgering. I enjoyed the journey from point 1 to point 17 and then fell through 18 and kept on going. You saved the best for last. Sorry to hear of your loss.
"Darkness defines the light" -- spoken like a true photographer.
I disagree on point 15. What you say is of absolute importance. People will always hear what they want to hear, and it will often be at diametrical opposite of what you said. But ya gotta say it anyway.

Le Grand Lapin said...

Tom, I usually skip right to the curmudgeoning, so a little insight is a step up. Number 15 was overstated for effect.

Happy New Year. I can see the equinox from here.

Jan said...

When I go to my Google reader and see that you have a new post, I always leave your blog 'til last.

Because you, my friend, are the best.

Love to you and the wonderful woman. And here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Le Grand Lapin said...

Jan, the same to you.
As I told another friend earlier today, "This is the year."

Leslie said...

Lots to think about here! The great thing about a new year is the sense of possibility it holds. I'm glad to say good-bye to 2009--for many reasons--and I look forward to the possibilities of 2010. Here's to a great year ahead!

tom said...

LGL -- Please contact me privately by e-mail. I have a few questions and a gift. Thanks, tom

Anonymous said...

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