Wednesday, April 7

The Season Nears

It's nearly Senior Season, that time of year when high school seniors begin to exercise their under-educated egos in public - in shoe polish.

This year, I plan to stalk and bag one photographically.

Every year for the past six or seven, I have seen at least one misspelled rear window exultation in my blue-collar neck of the woods. It is always the same: "S E N O I R S", followed by "Rule", "Rock", "KIck Ass" or the year of their undeserved matriculation.

I intend to bring one home for the trophy wall this year. I urge you to do the same.

Maybe send a copy to the school.

Thus spake the rabbit.


tom said...

My, my, this sounds like a wickedly fun homework assignment. Shall we compare images, compose a wall of shame? Have a winner whose subject shall be summarily remanded back to remedial English? This reminds me of several videos I watched recently of Tea Party protests. Every other (I do not exaggerate) sign or placard had misspelled words. It makes you wonder if English is a second language for the lunatic fringe. Or senoirs!

Le Grand Lapin said...

Language, grammar and spelling are the least of my difficulties with the fringe. If critical, rational thought isn't yet dead, it's coughing up blood.