Saturday, July 17

Half-Tank Cruise

Marshall, Missouri

Lexington, Missouri

Orrick, Missouri

Norborne, Missouri

Carrollton, Missouri

Lexington, Missouri

Thus spake the rabbit


tom said...

Bud -- Holy moly, I can't pick a favorite. The last photo looks faintly ominous as if bodies were accepted instead of cash, and the Eat sign is classic and almost farcical with the "Maid Rite" inclusion. (Do maids indeed make the food or do they clean the floors and change the sheets? Hmmm.) The Carrollton depot is a lovely case of compositional simplicity with all the necessary elements and no more. Master Mix is one I wish I'd taken, dammit. The top photo, finally, is interesting in that it could only exist in rural America. Great job. I love taking trips with you.

Le Grand Lapin said...

Thanks, Tom. I was complaining about the nearly cloudless sky and oppressive heat, but the day went pretty well. I have a few landmarks and phantom signs to return to some day when the sky cooperates and I have more time.