Tuesday, August 24


...at a Chevy dealership.

Thus spake the rabbit.


Jan said...

I LOVE IT. I don't generally do all caps, but you can't see me spreading out my arms to show you how much I love it.

Le Grand Lapin said...

Thanks, Jan.

Here's the REAL creativity lesson: I had a portrait shoot planned for location that morning, but my subject stood me up. I went to the dealership immediately after to get a couple of things looked at, and wound up skulking around their waiting room for the better part of five hours. Once, I went out to the new car lot and ripped off three frames of the Camaro's nose. Five hours, three frames, all while I was carrying around two cameras and four lenses.

This unrealized walkabout was a supreme waste of a free opportunity to tap into something I would usually drive right past.

I got so frustrated at being "stranded" that I didn't realize that I was stranded in a gold mine. D'oh!

tom said...

It took you how long to figure that out?!

Le Grand Lapin said...

Almost sixty years now.