Saturday, October 9

Half-Tank Cruise

Thus spake the rabbit.


tom said...

Challenger!! You saw it--except your photo (the one with the flag on the car) is far superior to mine. It's supposed to come through tomorrow so I might get to see it if I can get my work done early enough. The photo of the Excellent Coffee is also a fav. Love that sign. If I had the money I'd buy you a tank of gas every week just so I could see what treasures your roving and unerring eye would unearth.

Le Grand Lapin said...

Tom, we decided, at the last minute to track down Challenger at Sedalia in spite of the sunny day. We had hoped to do a fly-by farther east, but time was against us. We at least got to see it pull into Sedalia. There were a couple more signs that were awkwardly placed - one would have been ok, were it not for the painful barrel distortion on my 12-24 zoom. Nice town, Sedalia.

As for gas, I accept PayPal. [grin]