Tuesday, November 23

Second Edit, River District


Thus spake the rabbit.


tom said...

Bud -- You outdid yourself once more. The top image would look splendid on my wall. Seriously wonderful use of lines and tones. All the bridges of Marshall County are squat, ugly monstrosities, mirror images of the squat, ugly German Baptist churches. Thanks for sharing.

Le Grand Lapin said...

Tom, I still have mixed feelings about this bridge. The modern design doesn't really fit my home town's visual inferiority complex.

Kansas City is a city without real scale. This bridge just tries too hard. Interesting lines, though.

tom said...

Maybe you'd prefer our rural rust buckets that are almost collapsing. The bridge spanning the Big Blue outside Blue Rapids is rated the worst in the state, I understand. It's slated for replacement if the state still has money in the budget next year. Or the year after. Or whenever it falls down.

Le Grand Lapin said...

It's not the quality of the bridge that's in question. I do appreciate a sound infrastructure. The bridge's design, however, was chosen in an attempt to create a visual symbol for the city. It fails miserably. Nothing says less about the nature of Kansas City than a graceful, geometric span. Kansas City is lumpy, clumsy and brown. Maybe I've lived here too long.