Tuesday, March 22

For Jan, Continued

A rare case of Inverse Apostrophic Possessive Syndrome.

Thus spake the rabbit.


Jan said...

"Inverse Apostrophic Possessive Syndrome." Be afraid. Be very afraid.

(Thank you for the continuing vigilance!)

tom said...

I suppose if you went inside and politely informed them of their abuse of the English language they would promptly close your account and have security do a Rodney King on you.

Le Grand Lapin said...

Tom, the general reaction when mistakes like this are pointed out is "So what?" I have yet to come up with a clever rejoinder that makes them realize that lazy abuse of language is a harbinger of the END OF THE WORLD!

tom said...

Well, 'end of the world' might be a little over the top, there, big bun. I mean, we still have politicians, the military and Sarah Palin to contend with.