Friday, April 1

I Suspected as Much

Thus spake the rabbit.


Applecart T. said...

did you get to take this shot?
either way: yay for pitties!
rachel, umm, not so much, but who am i"

Jan said...


tom said...

I assume the photo of the pooch was before the main course.

Le Grand Lapin said...

T, nope, not one of mine.
Tom, maybe it's not her dog. ((8-))

Truth is, I suspect the cover has been altered for comic effect. It worked.

Applecart T. said...

photoshop disasters (website) is full of such.

it is creepy, this pic. the dog looks fake.

Le Grand Lapin said...

T, the dog is real enough, RR is checking its shoulder for marbling and to see if its ready for the stew-pot. That's a puppy with no future.