Friday, June 10

Half-Tank Cruise

Along US 36 in Kansas.

Thanks to outstanding photographer and writer Tom Parker, his wife Lori, and a bold, nameless collared lizard for a most pleasant Thursday afternoon in the Flint Hills.

Thus spake the rabbit.


tom said...

Bravo! (Standing ovation, enthusiastic hand clapping, etc.) I've tried shooting that old gas station (now Pepsi warehouse) and never achieved such a result--now I have to return and try to to do a Grand Rabbit on it. I have to ask: where'd you get that top image? Wonderful--and we loved having you and Kath over for good times, stimulating conversation and to introduce you to our guard lizard.

Le Grand Lapin said...

Tom, the gas station almost thwarted me. The sun was low and shining right into the lens and I had to deploy the "one-hand-gobo-one-hand-shoot" method.

The jet-age starburst was at the Stewartsville, MO junction of 36 and Hiway K. It seemed to be magnetic - the car just pulled into the lot without my help. The locals came out to watch us shoot. Probably thought we were nuts.

We have a few thousand tadpoles out back. We're thinking about a squadron of flying guard frogs. Teaching them to fly would probably be the hard part. That, and the propellors.

tom said...

Still, sounds like a challenge. Let me know how the grand experiment turns out.