Wednesday, February 15

Too soon

Mark A. Sherwood, 65, passed peacefully Sunday, February 12, 2012. Born to Paul and Marlowe Sherwood in Kansas City, Missouri, he was raised and resided in Parkville, Missouri where he served many civic responsibilities. Mark graduated Park Hill Senior High School, 1964 and University of Kansas, 1970. His interests included design, architecture, automobiles and political awareness. Above all, Mark was a good and true friend to so many people. He loved sharing his time and skills to help solve a problem, complete a project or pursue what others might perceive as a silly idea. He was a devoted son, kind brother and most loyal of friends. He is survived by sister, Robin and a multitude of friends. Gifts may be made in his memory to The Marlowe Sherwood Memorial Scholarship Fund c/o Alumni Association, Park University. A remembrance celebration is being planned for early spring at Cafe Cedar in Parkville.

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