Sunday, May 4

Missouri Town 1855

There are few places in the Kansas City where I've spent more time idly photographing things than Missouri Town 1855 in Fleming Park. I began going there in the 1970s with Joe and Benita Egnatic. We burned through countless rolls of black and white as well as color film as we refined our understanding of photography.

Missouri Town 1855 is, as the name suggests, a recreation of a typical settlement in 1855 Missouri. Reenactors inhabit the town on weekends, and do a pretty good job of demonstrating the skills needed for rural life in the nineteenth century. Map of Missouri Town is here. If you're a stickler for historical accuracy, you might want to unpucker a bit before you visit - it's not uncommon to see sunglasses or the occasional pair of Skechers on the citizens of the town. That's okay, the experience, taken in its entirety, is enjoyable and informative.

I enjoy wandering the site, if for no other reason than to try and appreciate the way my ancestors lived when they first arrived in Missouri from Ulster in 1843.

Missouri Town is operated by Jackson County Parks and Rec.

The Colonel's House


In the church

Detail of the Squire's House

Young woman in the tavern

Getting a better view


Thus spake the rabbit.

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