Sunday, November 2

Puzzle Pieces

As you may or may not recall, the Boss Rabbit and I have hatched a plan whereupon we rid ourselves of thirty-plus years of accumulated flotsam and take out for places unimagined by way of a large truck and even-larger trailer, which combined, will hold us, our cat and all else we care to hang on to.

We plan to travel until we achieve room temperature, find someplace that really suits us, or just can't stand one another. Until recently, it was nothing more than a pipe dream, an abstract concept.

But now ...

Piece one is in place:

We have acquired this, a 2013 GMC with an earthquake-inducing diesel powerplant, and nearly enough room to live in by itself.  For a sense of scale, I'm six-foot-four. The top of the pickup bed is at eye level.

Now I am become dearth, bringer of energy crises.

Thus spake the rabbit.

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